Restaurant grill le Charollais

opening hours of the restaurant

The restaurant welcomes you from Tuesday lunchtime to Saturday evening from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

We offer you a choice of dishes from the simplest to the most refined of our local products such as our succulent AOP Charolles meats or our dishes to cook on a hot stone....

Our Charolles AOP formulas

Faux-Filet AOP, French fries and salad +Dessert 


Entrecote AOP, French Fries and Salad + Dessert 


Children's menu

Chicken aiguillettes Or

Charolais chopped steak + Ice + Choice of drink


Net price including VAT

Menu of the moment

Menu served midday during the week

Choice of 2 starters of the moment


Choice of 2 main courses of the moment


Choice of 2 desserts of the moment


Net price including VAT

Our menu evolves with the seasons

Charollais Menu 30.00€

(Starter, Main course and Dessert)

Charollais Menu 34.50€

(Starter, Main course, Cheese and Dessert)

Our starters

- Cream of pumpkin soup, Espuma of farm cream 10.00€ 

- Eggs in Meurette sauce 12.00€

- 6 Burgundy snails (+5€ for 6 extra snails) 10.00€

Our big salads MEAL (small salad on the menu)

-Caesar salad 15.00€ (Big salad, breaded chicken, parmesan, croutons, tomatoes, onions and anchovy dressing)

-Country Salad 15.00€ (Large salad, gizzard, bacon, poached egg, croutons, onions and tomatoes)

Our Dishes

- Faux-Filet AOP Charolais 22.50€ 

- Piece of beef AOP Charolais 19.00€ 

- Fillet of Beef Rossini AOP Charolais 29.50€ (suppl 5.50€ to the Menu)

- Burger of Charolais beef 19.00€ 

- Entrecote AOP Charolais 29.00€ (suppl 5€ to the Menu)

- Fillet of Pike Perch, cream of shellfish 20.00€

Net price including VAT

Duo of Appetizers

(Land and Sea Cappuccino and Ginger Curry Sea Bream Tartar)


Calf sweetbread

Carpaccio with Bourbon cream


Foie gras

Marbled with chestnut, Brioche Parisienne and onion confit with truffle


Scallops with Saffron, watercress juice


Fillet of beef

Charolles PDO Smoked Beef, Cream of Girolles

Polenta with fermented pepper



Supreme of Old Fashioned

Crushed potato flavored with bacon



Half with Champagne

Duo of Risotto and celery with sesame seeds


Holiday Trilogy

And its sparkling cup


Without Cheese 45€

With Cheese 49.50€

Served from 10/12 to 10/01

Net price including VAT

Le Charollais


Vitry-En-Charollais, 71600, France

[email protected]


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Le Charollais

N79, Vitry-En-Charollais, 71600, France

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